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Weekend Mashup: And Girl I Promise You, No Substitutes


I won’t be back again until 2009, so I’ll just leave you with the last mashup weekend of 2008. “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here” by Weezer vs. “Change Clothes” by Jay-Z. I sort of feel like the world has turned and left me here; I’ve been jet- lagged out of my mind for days.

The World Has Changed Clothes and Left Me Here by Jay-Zeezer

Holiday Break!

charlie brown tree

Well, it’s not really a holiday break. It’s more like a “write applications/finish finals” break. I might be back before New Year’s; not quite sure yet. But in the interim, how ever long it is, I leave you with this hot Linus and Lucy remix.


Linus and Lucy (Pocketknifes Hark, the Holler remix) by Vince Guaraldi

Monday Guilty Pleasure: On the New York Transit Line

atlantic ave

To anyone who has grown up in Brooklyn/ever attended any permutation of a school dance: you’ve heard this. At least part of this, courtesy of Fatman Scoop and Crooklyn Clan. (Yoooooouu betta watch- yo- step!) They sampled the “engine, engine number nine” part so well that I didn’t realize it was from a completely different song.

The Choice Is Yours by Black Sheep

My Currency is Retrograde


This has inadvertently become a music blog and currency watch chronicle. Granted, music and money are not the only things that happen to me in Holland. (I join casts of plays, marvel as the Dutch government deems me male, and perform mating dances from Eastern European countries). But I can never get those personal anecdotes just right for this blog. Maybe I’ll try to do that next year.

Anyway, I’m returning to America world tomorrow. Hopefully, I won’t be arrested for being a “turrist.” But at least interest rates have been cut in Europe, so I’m back to $1.38 per euro. Not good, but better than before. Hopefully we can roll back even further. Now I won’t feel so bad as I go on my Dutch gift shopping bonanza in Schiphol.

Off topic: May I take this opportunity to say that I am perfectly obsessed with Kele Okereke, Bloc Party’s front man. He’s just so cool! My current wake- up play list has Mercury on it. It’s terrifying to hear first thing in the morning, but it’s such a kickass song.

Mercury by Bloc Party

So that’s why I don’t post pop music!

It’s not because I’m a supercilious snob, but because the pop music people are quite litigious. Why, earlier today my TI/Justin Timberlake post got blocked. Sorry, kids. It’s OK; you’ll be hearing “If” all over the damn place soon enough. This is nothing to cry over.

I do, however, wish there was a way to check which posts were OK and which are not. I think I’ll just stay away from posting anything by anyone too famous. That way, they can continue to buy their diamond encrusted toilet seat covers or whatever else is hot with the Hollywood kids these days.

At least it wasn’t over Britney Spear’s Circus! I was almost about to post that, too. Yikes!

Weekend Mashup: Ghostface vs. Radiohead

This has to be one of the tightest parings I’ve heard in  awhile. It’s done by DJ Panzah Zandahz.

Daytona 500, Iron Lung (Panzah remix) by Ghostface Killah vs Radiohead

That Melancholy New Year’s Eve Feeling…


…you’re doing it right! Seriously.

I haven’t posted nearly enough of Amanda or Brian, but they’re amazing. I haven’t gotten through the entire album, but I like the dark, zany stuff I’ve heard so far.

Blake Says by Amanda Palmer

Just in time for Christmas


Euro’s back up to $1.44 again. GROSS. And it looks like the pound is slipping down and nearly meeting the euro on it’s way. Does this mean I need to transfer to a UK school next semester? Might be a good idea! Apparently, we might get a break from the dip briefly after Obama jumps in, but we’ve got such a quagmire to go through. An infuriating, expensive quagmire.

Cheap and Cheerful by The Kills

Shake A Fist (Morsy mix) by Hot Chip

I’ve Heard It All

Layout 1

I Feel It All by Feist was one of my favorite songs from ’08. So far I’ve found two amazing remixes of it. The first is the Escort remix which weirdly reminds me of Amherst graduation. No, we don’t have a marching band, but I could see it as the background music to a video montage. The second is the Diplo remix, which takes a completely different and sophisticated turn on a rather peppy, exuberant song. If you have another awesome remix of this, let me know!

I Feel It All (Escort remix) by Feist

I Feel It All (Diplo remix) by Feist


I Feel It All (Britt from Spoon remix) by Feist

Monday Guilty Pleasure: Dutch Cheese

dutch cheese

Note to the professors who I promised cheese to (implicitly including the ones who have written recs for me): I don’t know when I’m seeing you next, so the Christmastime cheese I had planned on may not be possible. It’s difficult to get in touch with you all and pinpoint who will be in Amherst (or America) when. Maybe we’ll have to get you a graduation cheese. (If you’re around for graduation, that is. Yeah, I’m talking to you. You know who you are.)

In the interim, this Dutch R&B/Pop is a decent cheese substitute. I don’t usually like this style of of singing in English, but it really appeals to me when I can’t understand what’s being said. I just love how the guttural Dutch syllables pop in and out over the bubblegum instrumental.

Uit Elkaar by Yes-R

For the English speakers who don’t know what’s this song’s about, here’s the video so you’ll get an idea:

Weekend Mashup: Santo Maria


As promised, here’s some Santogold… mixed with MIA! And it’s by Immuzikation (of friggin course, I always post him). Enjoy!

Santo Mia by MIA vs. Santogold, Immuzikation blend

Bailing Out The Cars

american flag carsSo that’s why the exchange rate is screwing with me again. Harumph. Well, I don’t drive a car; don’t really care to. Nor am I completely clued into every single aspect of the financial quagmire. In fact, some may argue that this post is just a thinly veiled excuse to post a remix of a song by The Cars, a song which ironically fits this situation. (IT TOTALLY IS.) But seriously, Republicans. Can we at least put an alternative on the table?

Just What I Needed (Tittsworth remix) by The Cars

End of Semester

Well, my final class of my first (and penultimate) semester at Leiden was today. Today was full of thesis musings, sock puppets, candy, a “time warp”, Mariah Carey and…Pomeranians. Anyway, I’ve had a great time this semester. Now it’s time to figure out February. And beyond. Woooooooo.

Anyway, I’ve giving you a double shot today; Good Time by Brazilian Girls is already amazingly fun and summer-y, an then Diplo (my constant personal hero) went out of his way to electrify it for the club. He really is the hardest working man in show business.

Good Time by Brazilian Girls

Good Time (Diplo remix) by Brazilian Girls

Kanye’s rapping again!

… now with new hipster street cred. This is “Gifted” with Santogold and Lykke Li. (Much to my surprise, I haven’t posted anything by them yet, so I’ll fix that soon.)

Gifted by Kanye West, featuring Santogold and Lykke Li

Damn, Damn, Damn

metrocard bike

Subway fare at home in New York might go up from $2 to  $2.50. Monthly cards might go up from $81 to $104.

Boo-urns. You know things are rough in America when strippenkaarten could look good. I just bought my train discount card for here, (55 euros), and I’m still pissed that I’m only get 40% off for the year to travel across an country which, according to the CIA factbook, is “slightly less than twice the size of New Jersey.”

Well, maybe will still have it good back home. Let’s hope it lasts.

Night Train by James Brown

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