Obama Mixtape, Part II: Obama Reggaeton

amigos de obamaI got this mp3 over a year ago, courtesy of the Amigos de Obama site, which currently has a kick-ass Obama themed mariachi tune. I was in Amsterdam when I downloaded it, and desperately wanted to attach a tacky loudspeaker to the back of my bike and blast it in the streets. However, Dutch people are super low key (and so am I) so that didn’t really pan out.

However, I’m happy Obama’s plan to capture the majority of the Latino vote did pan out. The dulcet tones of  the Obama Reggaeton had nothing to do with it (or Daddy Yankee’s wacky McCain endorsement). That crazy lady pretended that she spoke for the entire Latin population and said that she wasn’t voting for Obama because he’s black had nothing to do with it. Well, she might have had something to do with it; it was fun to prove her wrong. Too bad I can’t remeber her name…well, one thing is certain: everyone was tired of the same old Rove-crap and wanted a change. I think we’re off to a good start.

(PS I will happily accept any Palin reggaeton files.)

Obama Reggaeton by Amigos de Obama

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