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Obama Mixtape: Part I, The Realest Shit I Never Wrote

jeezy_recessionIn my obsessively ordered menu of iTunes playlists, I have a playlist called The Obama Mixed Tape. I was afraid that it would jinx everything to share it a few weeks ago, but now seems like a good time. I’ve got some really great Obama inspired hits I’ve been collecting over the last year. If you have any suggestions, holla at a schola.

Up first this week is “My President” by Young Jeezy, off of his appropriately titled album, “The Recession.” (Which is crazy, because the album came out in September. Unlike Sarah Palin, Jeezy’s been watching MSNBC!) This will be playing very, very loudly from cars all over cities in America. And from a certain dorm room in Leiden:

My President feat. Nas by Young Jeezy

That’s the way it is in Minnesota, that’s the way it is in Oklahoma-homa

Today, I am proud to be an American, proud to be black, proud to be the child of an immigrant and proud to be the sibling of a Harvard Law graduate. (That’s a long bumper sticker, isn’t it?) Other than that, I’m speechless. But I’m not songless.

I’ve been obsessing over “Shores of California” by the Dresden Dolls for the past few days. Mainly, because I’ve been wondering about the way it is in Minnesota, Oklahoma, etc. Unfortunately, for the titular area of the world, they have lost the right to marry whoever they damn please. However, if Prop 8. had not been passed and McCain/Palin won, I’d consider it a temporary victory, soon to be brutally smashed.

We’ll see. We’ll call Jack Bauer, and see.

Shores of California by the Dresden Dolls

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