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Weekend Mashup Sunday Bonus: Viva La Hova

viva la hovaI’m not the biggest Coldplay fan, but I do love Jay Z. Mick Boogie and Terry Urban, however, like them both quite a lot and put together Viva La Hova, a mashup album. Normally, full on mashup albums between two artists have only a few good tracks and are somewhat gimmicky.  Q-Unit (50 Cent vs. Freddy Mercury) and Jay-zeezer (Jay Z vs. Weezer) fall into this trap. But every once in a while, something of Grey Album caliber comes along, and I think this is the closest I’ve seen recently.

Weekend Mashup: Nancy Sinatra vs. DJ UNK, Yelle vs. Kanye, Winehouse vs. Ronstadt

yelleSorry for being so lax on this feature! I was actually been able to get some decent amount of school work done today, so I’m happy to post these. Here’s These Boots Are Made for Walking Out, A Cause de Kanye and You Know That You’re No Good.

These Boots Are Made for Walking Out by DJ UNK vs. Nancy Sinatra

A Cause de Kanye by Kanye vs. Yelle

You Know You’re No Good by Amy Winehouse vs. Linda Ronstadt

It’s a Great Pumpkin substitute, Charlie Brown

karaoke lyricsThere were a few Thanksgiving activities around Holland, but I wasn’t really interested in replicating something I usually do with my family. Instead, I had an lovely evening involving karaoke and Guinness. Niet slecht! It may not be the perfect replacement for turkey, stuffing, or canned cranberry sauce, but it shall do.

For today, I’ll leave you with a few shouldbe karaoke classics starting with Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money. I haven’t heard anyone get up and do it yet, but it lends itself to loud, inebriated belting and air-saxophone.
Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money

Superfly by Curtis Mayfield: Curtis Mayfield songs don’t even involve singing! Just narrate a sad story with some falsetto swagger.
Superfly by Curtis Mayfield

September by Earth, Wind and Fire: BAAAHDEEEYAAAAA. Something something remember…
September by Earth, Wind and Fire

This is Terrible.

Attacks in India.

As a New Yorker who lived through 9/11 (and took eight frightening and confusing hours to get home to Brooklyn from her Manhattan high school) it sickens me to see this happen to another city. Train stations, airports, landmark hotels; someone is trying to make another sick point. When has this worked? This situation is already bad. This cannot get worse, but quite possibly will.

Christmas Time…is here?

SinterklaasWell, at least snow is here. And Sinterklaas is also here, fresh from Spain with his black-faced minions. They were in Leiden this past Saturday to open up an H&M. (The nine-millionth H&M in Holland, for those who are counting.) I wasn’t at the opening, but I kept seeing those creepy Zwarte Piets everywhere. At the frite place, at Centraal Station…in my hellish nightmares. They’re also dolls in store displays, cut-outs in shop windows, and mascots on chocolate candy boxes. They vary from looking like actual black people to being total golliwogs. It’s very odd. Their are ones at the dangerously cartoonish end of the spectrum that look straight-up apish; those actually frighten me.

People keep telling me, “Oh, Piet just looks like that because he went down a chimney!” Right. Because chimney soot always leaves you with red lips and nappy hair.


Yes, I know I’m coming from an American perspective. Yes, I know the tradition is old. But would anyone miss it if Santa stopped attending The Birth of a Nation cast party? Would the children cry, or would the old people cry? I mean, come on, Holland. You’re not homogeneous anymore. This, clearly, can’t last like this forever.

Well, I’ll let David Sedaris narrate the whole explanation. And I’ll let Vince Guaraldi score it. Merry Sinterklaas to all.

Christmas Time Is Here by Vince Guaraldi

Obama Mixtape: Final Installment

obama, GQBy the Time I Get to Arizona (acca double dub psa mix) by Public Enemy

Black President by Dave Chappelle

We Need Barack feat Mavado

Still busy, but better. See you Monday!

Windmill Fail

I’ll be back soon!

Obama Mixtape, Part VI: An Obligatory Palin Joke

Sarah Palin, VogueHere’s a litte ditty about Sarah Palin and laying pipe. Technically, this isn’t about Barack Obama, but it does round out the mixtape quite nicely. I’m planning a nice, multitrack blowout of songs for tomorrow to cap things off. This was fun.

Has anyone else noticed that no one’s made a song about Joe Biden? Does anyone want to lay pipe with/have a crush on Joe Biden? No? Not even a little bit? (Come on, you know you want it.) Maybe it’s in the works, but I haven’t seen anything yet. Let me know if someone does it!

Sarah Palin (I Wanna Lay Pipe) by John Brown

Obama Mixtape Part V: Jay-Z and Ludacris

political-pictures-barack-obama-pie1Super brief today, cause I’ve got loads to do. You may remember Ludacris getting in trouble for the first track. If not, listen and find out why!

Obama is Here by Ludacris

Lick a Shot for Obama by Jay-Z

Obama Mixtape, Part IV: Obama Ubarikiwe

change, obamaHappy Monday! Here’s some feel good music from Kenyan-Congolese artist Samba Mapangala. I like these entries from all over the diaspora; too bad I have no idea what’s being said. But it is fun to fake-merengue to it.

Obama Ubarikiwe by Samba Mapangala

Tomorrow: Jay-Z and Ludacris weigh in…

Obama Mixtape, Part III: Barack the Magnificent

obama1-wwibSongs about Barack Obama don’t just come from within America. Today, we have one from Trinidad courtesy of Mighty Sparrow, one of the most revered calypso artists on the face of the earth. His song, Barack the Magnificent, is definitely one of the catchiest odes to Obama I’ve heard. Yet, with due respect to Mighty Sparrow, a lot of his songs sound alike. Compare “Barack the Magnificent” with “Dancing Shoes” and  “Racism.” Yes, I did just put all of those in one sentence. In the world of Mighty Sparrow, they’re all kind of the same!

Well, Mighty, if you found a winning formula, it’s best to stick with it.

Barack the Magnificent by Mighty Sparrow

Racism by Mighty Sparrow

Obama Mixtape, Part II: Obama Reggaeton

amigos de obamaI got this mp3 over a year ago, courtesy of the Amigos de Obama site, which currently has a kick-ass Obama themed mariachi tune. I was in Amsterdam when I downloaded it, and desperately wanted to attach a tacky loudspeaker to the back of my bike and blast it in the streets. However, Dutch people are super low key (and so am I) so that didn’t really pan out.

However, I’m happy Obama’s plan to capture the majority of the Latino vote did pan out. The dulcet tones of  the Obama Reggaeton had nothing to do with it (or Daddy Yankee’s wacky McCain endorsement). That crazy lady pretended that she spoke for the entire Latin population and said that she wasn’t voting for Obama because he’s black had nothing to do with it. Well, she might have had something to do with it; it was fun to prove her wrong. Too bad I can’t remeber her name…well, one thing is certain: everyone was tired of the same old Rove-crap and wanted a change. I think we’re off to a good start.

(PS I will happily accept any Palin reggaeton files.)

Obama Reggaeton by Amigos de Obama

Obama Mixtape: Part I, The Realest Shit I Never Wrote

jeezy_recessionIn my obsessively ordered menu of iTunes playlists, I have a playlist called The Obama Mixed Tape. I was afraid that it would jinx everything to share it a few weeks ago, but now seems like a good time. I’ve got some really great Obama inspired hits I’ve been collecting over the last year. If you have any suggestions, holla at a schola.

Up first this week is “My President” by Young Jeezy, off of his appropriately titled album, “The Recession.” (Which is crazy, because the album came out in September. Unlike Sarah Palin, Jeezy’s been watching MSNBC!) This will be playing very, very loudly from cars all over cities in America. And from a certain dorm room in Leiden:

My President feat. Nas by Young Jeezy

That’s the way it is in Minnesota, that’s the way it is in Oklahoma-homa

Today, I am proud to be an American, proud to be black, proud to be the child of an immigrant and proud to be the sibling of a Harvard Law graduate. (That’s a long bumper sticker, isn’t it?) Other than that, I’m speechless. But I’m not songless.

I’ve been obsessing over “Shores of California” by the Dresden Dolls for the past few days. Mainly, because I’ve been wondering about the way it is in Minnesota, Oklahoma, etc. Unfortunately, for the titular area of the world, they have lost the right to marry whoever they damn please. However, if Prop 8. had not been passed and McCain/Palin won, I’d consider it a temporary victory, soon to be brutally smashed.

We’ll see. We’ll call Jack Bauer, and see.

Shores of California by the Dresden Dolls

The Worst Thing About Being in Europe

election_1999filmElection day is even longer in GMT +1. There’s a 6-hour time difference between Holland and the East Coast States. It’s nearly 10 AM on November 4th over here, while people back home are still sleeping. I won’t really have any idea what’s going on until about 6 PM, this time. This is incredibly frustrating and nerve-wracking.

I sent my absentee ballot in ages ago, but for those who are voting today: charge that iPod, pack a book, a sandwich, and some warm gloves. Tough it out, no matter how long it takes. The boss should understand.


Oh, and before you charge aforementioned iPod, download this brilliant remix of Architecture in Helsinki’s Heart It Races. I think A-Trak cut it with a sample from “Light Yo Ass on Fire”, but that’s up for debate. (My, what a disturbing video.)

Heart It Races (Trizzy’s Rusty Tin Can Mix) by Architecture In Helsinki

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