Kick and Push

It’s gotten very cold lately. I’m already worried about the inevitablity of cycling on ice. (Yes, the bike on the left is my bike. Lovely, isn’t it?) I don’t think putting chains on the tires will help in this case. This could get seriously unpleasant. It doesn’t really snow in the Netherlands like it used to, but it will rain. That black ice could be a killer.

I’ve noticed a lot of motorized wheel chairs in the bike lane, as well. (I can haz government jazzy? Pleez?) That might slow down for a few months. Argh, I hate ice.

I hope I don’t become some kind of hermit when it gets cold. I’ve already been kept inside by the cold and and rain; it’s only the end of October.

Maybe I’ll just piss everyone off and get a skateboard. And listen to this remix of Kick, Push by Lupe Fiasco and pretend that I’m badass.

Kick, Push (Estaw remix) by Lupe Fiasco

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October 2008
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