Weekend Mashups: If you’re looking for devotion, talk to me

This little record has been stalking me ever since I came to Europe this summer. I know Show Me Love came out in 1993, but they play it over here like it’s fresh. Someone was blasting it on their little private party boat in the Witte Singel a few days ago; I could hear them from the library. (Awkward.) And it was playing in a frite shop I went to today.  Show Me Love was also the soundtrack for yesterday’s episode of Pot Psychology on Jezebel.com. (Seriously, if you haven’t started watching Tracie and Rich, you should. They’re the highlight of my Friday.)

So here’s a mashup of Show Me Love by Robyn S. vs. Be by Steve Angello. And some Stardust vs. Flo-Rida, cause I can.

Show Me Love vs. Be (Hardwell mashup)

Music Sounds Better Low (Stardust vs. Flo Rida) Whack-A-Tone blend

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