It was good livin’ with ya

A little piece of the 1990’s died today. (Which is surprising, because I thought this was dead already.) Zima is no longer being produced! I was way too young to drink it when it was popular back in the mid-90s, but as a fan of wimpy drinks, I’m saddened by the loss.

Anyway, I’m a little OCD about the way I organize my iTunes playlist. Every list is named after a specific relevant kind of alcohol, and it’s all in alphabetical order(i.e.: 40 oz. it hip-hop, Amstel Light is my Amsterdam mix, Cuba Libre is Spanish music. OK, it’s more than a little OCD.) But Zima’s the name of my 90s playlist! And now it doesn’t exist. Lagrima.

In honor of this sissy-tastic beer, here are a few hits from when business was booming. We’ve got a middle- school dance reggae hit, old Z-100 fodder, and a classic house staple. Any more 90’s shame suggestions? I’m always up for them.

A Who Say Me Dun by Cutty Ranks

Good by Better Than Ezra

I’m Gonna Get You by Bizarre Inc.

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October 2008
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