Love meeee…

Today I’ve got to run around and do some immigration stuff. Yay. I’m only here for a year, but they need to make sure that I don’t default to Dutch welfare or something.The fact that the US economy is kind of in the toilet doesn’t help me look any more self sufficient. I just hope they accept all my documents and don’t give me any crap.

On the brightside, the euro is now $1.36, which is near where it was when I studied abroad. This is so amazing. I mean, I can’t go on a shopping spree, but this helps out a lot. Now if we can just take it down to a one to one ratio. Le sigh.

Song for today: Pretty Please (Love Me) by Estelle and Cee-Lo. If they don’t accept my immigration stuff, I’ll just pull out a boombox and play this song.

Pretty Please (Love Me) by Estelle feat. Cee Lo

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October 2008
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