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Dumbest Post Ever.

But isn’t this German stock market guy:

…the same guy from my post nearly two years ago?: Why is he always worrying? At least he kept his job from last time all hell broke loose.

Love meeee…

Today I’ve got to run around and do some immigration stuff. Yay. I’m only here for a year, but they need to make sure that I don’t default to Dutch welfare or something.The fact that the US economy is kind of in the toilet doesn’t help me look any more self sufficient. I just hope they accept all my documents and don’t give me any crap.

On the brightside, the euro is now $1.36, which is near where it was when I studied abroad. This is so amazing. I mean, I can’t go on a shopping spree, but this helps out a lot. Now if we can just take it down to a one to one ratio. Le sigh.

Song for today: Pretty Please (Love Me) by Estelle and Cee-Lo. If they don’t accept my immigration stuff, I’ll just pull out a boombox and play this song.

Pretty Please (Love Me) by Estelle feat. Cee Lo

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