Dance floor moritorium: Another Way To Die

I’m too tired to post anything coherent, but I will say this: the Bond song sucks somethin’ fierce. Really, Jack White and Alicia Keys? This was the best you could do? This wasn’t even phoned in, it was drunk- dialled. You can do better. Amy Winehouse in her current state could do better. Shame on you.

Back tomorrow.


1 Response to “Dance floor moritorium: Another Way To Die”

  1. 1 George October 9, 2008 at 22:29

    The new “Bond” was such a rip-off! After a terrific action packed beginning, the entire middle portion of the movies completely comes to a halt inside a Hollywood sound lot/studio as I was bored to death by an endless series of casino and hotel room scenes that was done in such a low budget cheap manner that it screamed producers pocketing millions of dollars by exploiting the “Bond” trademake. Absolutely awful and a huge letdown.

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