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Kick and Push

It’s gotten very cold lately. I’m already worried about the inevitablity of cycling on ice. (Yes, the bike on the left is my bike. Lovely, isn’t it?) I don’t think putting chains on the tires will help in this case. This could get seriously unpleasant. It doesn’t really snow in the Netherlands like it used to, but it will rain. That black ice could be a killer.

I’ve noticed a lot of motorized wheel chairs in the bike lane, as well. (I can haz government jazzy? Pleez?) That might slow down for a few months. Argh, I hate ice.

I hope I don’t become some kind of hermit when it gets cold. I’ve already been kept inside by the cold and and rain; it’s only the end of October.

Maybe I’ll just piss everyone off and get a skateboard. And listen to this remix of Kick, Push by Lupe Fiasco and pretend that I’m badass.

Kick, Push (Estaw remix) by Lupe Fiasco

Is this the five o’clock free Goldfrapp giveaway?

Apparently, it is. The Guardian seems to be slinging a new free Goldfrapp mp3 every day of this week. The tracks are off of their new album, Black Cherry. Today’s track is the title track. If you’re into them, check it out.

New Design

A ti, a ti…

Because it’s been a dos cervezas kind of Monday:

28 by Aterciopelados

Si Te Vas (en vivo) by Shakira

Caraluna by Bacilos

Robocop: is it for real?

Leak off of Kanye’s next album, 808’s & Heartbreak. Lots of vocoder action going on, of course. Not a lot of non-robotic singing in the first one, but I kind of like it. Coldest Winter? It might take some time to grow on me. (Heartless is there for good measure.) Let me know what you think:

Robocop by Kanye West

Coldest Winter by Kanye West

Heartless by Kanye West

Weekend Mashups: If you’re looking for devotion, talk to me

This little record has been stalking me ever since I came to Europe this summer. I know Show Me Love came out in 1993, but they play it over here like it’s fresh. Someone was blasting it on their little private party boat in the Witte Singel a few days ago; I could hear them from the library. (Awkward.) And it was playing in a frite shop I went to today.  Show Me Love was also the soundtrack for yesterday’s episode of Pot Psychology on (Seriously, if you haven’t started watching Tracie and Rich, you should. They’re the highlight of my Friday.)

So here’s a mashup of Show Me Love by Robyn S. vs. Be by Steve Angello. And some Stardust vs. Flo-Rida, cause I can.

Show Me Love vs. Be (Hardwell mashup)

Music Sounds Better Low (Stardust vs. Flo Rida) Whack-A-Tone blend

Wanna be in clogs?

So, this cycle of America’s Next Top Model is going to (or rather, was in) Amsterdam. At the announcement, sterotypicalness ensued: windmills, clogs, delft boy and girl, ect. The madness starts at 1:05, and ends hilariously at 2:34:

Het moet maar…

You’ve Been On Too Many Catalogue Sprees, Schtupid.

In America, we like to tack the suffix “-gate” at the end of nouns to mark something as politically scandalous or problematic: Watergate, Monicagate, Slaverygate (last one courtesy of Stephen Colbert). Sarah Palin already has two -gates to her name, and she’s not even in the White House. First, Troopergate, now Fashiongate.

Frankly, all her outfits are so similar that I thought that she was dyeing them every night. But $150,000? That $150,000 could solve so many of my problems. (Or just one big one: rhymes with “student moans.”) I hate her so much. Buy your own damn clothes, lady! Or just get some from Zara or Ann Taylor or Banana Republic. It’ll cost the RNC less while failing to appeal to Joe Six-Pack.

Or, use the money to buy a clue. (Oooo.)

In dishonor of La Palin, I’ve put together a little grime salute from across the North Sea. I didn’t intend for these to be British, it just happened that way. All I’m saying is that the woman could fix up, look sharp and throw on a ten dollar hoodie.

Fix Up, Look Sharp (Ratatat remix) by Dizzee Rascal

Hoodie (Spank Rock remix) by Lady Sovreign

10 Dollar (Diplo’s China Girl remix) by M.I.A.

We’re on our way…

The euro fell really hard to today. I mean, really hard. It’s starting to look like study abroad circa 2007 all over again! I love this new $1.28. Still $0.28 too high, in my opinion, but I’ll take what I can get.

So, this leaves me open to post some obnoxious song, snidely referencing how the dollar is rising triumphantly over the euro. In a perfect world, I’d select Drop Down and Get Your Eagle On, Girl by Nelly. The title says it all. Unfortunately, this song  disturbs me in a way I can’t explain. I’d also post Free Falling by Tom Petty, but it’s too obvious and I’m way too lazy to download that right now.

So instead, today’s song is “On Our Way To Fall” by Yo La Tengo. It’s pretty, melodic and pleasant, thus providing a sharp contrast to economic news. But really, it’s quite good.

Our Way to Fall by Yo La Tengo

It was good livin’ with ya

A little piece of the 1990’s died today. (Which is surprising, because I thought this was dead already.) Zima is no longer being produced! I was way too young to drink it when it was popular back in the mid-90s, but as a fan of wimpy drinks, I’m saddened by the loss.

Anyway, I’m a little OCD about the way I organize my iTunes playlist. Every list is named after a specific relevant kind of alcohol, and it’s all in alphabetical order(i.e.: 40 oz. it hip-hop, Amstel Light is my Amsterdam mix, Cuba Libre is Spanish music. OK, it’s more than a little OCD.) But Zima’s the name of my 90s playlist! And now it doesn’t exist. Lagrima.

In honor of this sissy-tastic beer, here are a few hits from when business was booming. We’ve got a middle- school dance reggae hit, old Z-100 fodder, and a classic house staple. Any more 90’s shame suggestions? I’m always up for them.

A Who Say Me Dun by Cutty Ranks

Good by Better Than Ezra

I’m Gonna Get You by Bizarre Inc.

Promoting Alan Astor (If He’ll Let Me)

I’ve found another DJ to obsess about: Alan Astor of Brooklyn, New York. He’s a pretty sweet remixer. His album is posted through his myspace (for PROMOTIONAL USAGE ONLY, mind you), but you have to listen through a minute or so of irritating radio skits to get to the actual remix. Download it anyway.

Here are a few tracks by him, including his remix of Paper Planes, which you can’t find on the myspace album. I’m usually partial to Diplo’s remix of Paper Planes with Bun B and Rich Boy, but Astor’s won me over. (P.S. I have way too many remixes of Paper Planes. It’s not right, but it’s OK.)

Paper Planes (Alan Astor remix) by M.I.A.

Love in this Club (Alan Astor remix) by Usher feat. Young Jeezy (starts at 0:45)

Just Fine (Alan Astor remix) by Mary J. Blige (starts at 0:57)

Weekend Mashups: Santo-Elliot

It’s that time of week again! Two songs for the price of one. (And if you still need  a download fix before Monday, take it to Palms Out. They have a feature called “Sunday Remix” which is pretty stellar.)

This weekend, I’ve got a great Santogold vs. Missy Elliot mashup produced by some guy named Elliot. It’s Light’s Out vs. Lose Control. Love it:

Missy Elliot vs. Santogold: Lose Control/Lights Out (ELLIOT mashup)

Far Away on the Dancefloor

At Amherst, my favorite song to hear (or play) at a party was Murder on the Dancefloor by Sophie Ellis Bextor. I have a frightening obsession with this song that I’m still battling to this day. I am guilty of running up to the booth and yelling “Do you have Murder on the Dancefloor?” and “Heb je Murder on the Dansvloer?” (On that note, can they sell that record in the Netherlands? No one has it here.)

Now, I’ve found my grad school (or at least Leiden) equivalent of the song that I can’t put down: Far Away by Cut Copy. Absolutely hooked on it. If anyone can make a palatable mash-up of these two, you will be my hero. I know it doesn’t sound plausible, but if someone could make a Public Enemy vs. Bextor remix, anything can happen.

Murder on the Dancefloor by Sophie Ellis Bextor

Far Away by Cut Copy

Public Dancefloor (Public Enemy vs. Sophie Ellis Bextor

Far Away (Solly Remix)

And the check when it arrived, we went Dutch, Dutch, Dutch, Dutch

Lazy. Tired. Here, have some Pavement!

Shady Lane by Pavement

Ice, Ice Baby

The Netherlands played Iceland in football (soccer) this weekend, a few days after Iceland lost all its money. Guess who won that match. (I’ll give you a hint– I live here.) Anyway, I stole this poster from the train station the day after the game. It’s a travel advisory about the game, listing extra buses to Rotterdam Stadion. (I wonder if that’s where Feyenoord plays?) Those are the buses all those orange clad hooligans took, I suppose.

Anyway, Iceland, chin up. In the words of High School Musical, “we’re all in this together.” Here’s a dirty south sounding Bjork/ Ayres remix for your trouble.

Hyperballad (DJ Ayres remix)

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