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Just a test

If I insert Hearts on Fire by Cut Copy, will it work?

Hearts on Fire- Cut Copy

Yes, it will! Oh, good. I think this will be fun. I’ve always wanted to post music stuff here. Especially since I’ve got all this Euro-pop around me. Stay tuned.

Ik heb teruggestuurd.

I’ve been so very neglectful of this blog. Between schoolwork, trips to Ikea in Delft and finding my way around, I’ve been busy. So far, Leiden is nice. The two classes are somewhat Amherst-like (i.e. small groups, engaging professors, and that one girl who loves her voice will keep yacking to the small group because the engaging professor is too damn nice to do the smackdown).

It’s been cooler lately, but the leaves haven’t started to turn. This place is already pashmina and riding boot central. (Fashionable, and smart while riding a bike in chilly weather.) I wasn’t quite prepared for that this time around, but I’m adjusting.

For the first time in my life, I’ve actually become concerned about fitting in. Not socially, but in a superficial, nondescript way. Costuming has become important, and my unstable grasp of Dutch is making me nervous. This wasn’t a problem in for me in high school, which was dominated by rich people. I didn’t have the right clothes or “speak the language” there, but it didn’t phase me at all. Amherst was less homogenous, so I cared even less. But now that I’m here, it’s becoming more obvious that I can’t get away with certain things anymore. I don’t know if this is the death of one of my strengths, or the birth of self-awareness.


Anyway, I’m currently reading Hamlet and Sherlock Holmes. Yes, I wish I were me, too. More updates to come. Ik beloof.

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