Diplo, Blaqstarr, A-Trak, Kid Cudi (And Santogold)

Diplo, A-trak

Why, yes, this is a picture of Diplo and A-Trak (!!!) which I snapped on my phone yesterday. I went to Summerstage in Central Park. Everyone was were super/amazing. It was well worth the wait in the scorching heat. My friend and I managed to to get all the way upfront to the stage. Diplo squirted silly string on me! It was magical.

Blaqstarr and Catchdubs were there as well. It was a dream come true. All we needed was DJ Ayres and I would’ve died and gone to heaven.

Diplo, A-trak

However, it got so hot and crowded, I wasn’t strong enough to wait for Santogold. That, and Diplo’s set had these bizarre 80s looking dancers and it was really distracting.

At least security didn’t confiscate my Sigg bottle!

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