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I’m so excited! I’m so— scared.

I’ve been browsing for recipes to play with next year. So far, I’ve been on epicurious, the Whole Foods recipe section and the BBC’s Good Food website. I don’t know whether the stove in Kaarsenmakerstraat is gas or electric. Worse comes to worse, I’ll set a garbage can fire in the yard and roast a whole pig. Just kidding. It’ll probably be too cold over there for outdoor cooking.

I’ve been watching ton of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares lately. At first, I balked at the idea of watching a screaming chef, but after seeing a few episodes, I realized that he was screaming for reason: most of the people on the show have no clue.The kitchens are in all kinds of states, from unhygienic to crowded with useless appliances. The menus sometimes have hundreds of items for each course. There’s all kind of hazardous activity going on.

I guess all I can do is try to eat the right things, read the right books, and never stray 5 yards from a mirror. But even then, the fear won’t end.

It’s very scary to know that it’s possible to go through life that blindly. That possibility is on my list of new and cringe-worthy fears. Sometimes I worry that no matter how much I learn, no matter how much I try, I’ll miss something major. It’s sort of the intellectual equivalent of leaving the bathroom with part of your skirt sticking in your underwear.

Random anxiety aside, growing up is nice. I need to find a decent cookbook; preferably for quick, healthy meals on a student budget. Any suggestions? And does anyone know if they sell Vitamin Water in the Netherlands? I forgot.

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