Joseph O’Neill: He’s alright!

I went to a reading of (aforementioned) Netherland at McNally-Robinson tonight. I’m a quarter through the book, and I love it. O’Neill signed it, and we commiserated about the DMV (read the book and find out). So far, I absolutely love this novel, particularly this little patch of writing right here:

…Later that night, she said, “Talk to me in Dutch,” and I did. Lekker stuk van me, I growled. “On second thoughts,” she said, “don’t talk to me in Dutch.”

I love going to readings in the summer in NYC. I went to a reading at the Asian American Writer’s Workshop yesterday, and it was amazing. It was in collaboration with Guernica Magazine (guest edited by this guy). All the readers were excellent.

I’m currently working two internships before Europe, but I need to make more time for my writing. I know I’ll be doing a lot of reading an essay writing next year, but I’d really love just to take my own time, and make something up. I’m still revising my thesis, but I’ve already got three story lines in my head. I just wish I could focus and properly economize.

I need more structure. I don’t know how to install it in my schedule, but I have to. I miss living in a story.

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