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Newbie Macbook

I’ve switched from an old iBook G4 to a shiny new (currently finger print covered) black Macbook. It’s beautiful. I’ve got tons of plans for it. I can finally download all the podcasts I want (i.e. Rachel Maddow, Selected Shorts, Tavis Smiley, etc.), mirco-manage my life in iCal, and possibly make videos. It’s wonderful.

So how to switch from an older mac to a new one? Especially when you weren’t smart enough to have an external hard drive the first time around?

Here’s what I’ve learned from the last time: Buy the Apple Care insurance. Just save yourself the grief in the long run. These things aren’t built forever, but no one needs expensive premature death. For transferring my Firefox bookmarks, I used a program called Foxmarks. For transferring my iTunes files from my iPod, I used a program called Senuti. Do not buy iPod Liberator; Senuti does the same thing for free. I downloaded Leopard Cache Cleaner so that useless cache files don’t build up. I’m using a proper Incase case. Never skimp on the case, or just throw it in a backpack without a case. It’ll be OK for a while, until large parts of your screen go black.

Here’s one ongoing debate: I can’t figure out whether to turn it on/off, or leave it on in perpetuum but let is sleep. I know constant re-booting can damage it, but I don’t want to drain the power. Lately it sleeps in the day, but is off at night. This is until I know what the best option is.

I want this thing to last for at least 5 years. Any suggestions?

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