Do you believe in life after sexual eruption?

This little ditty is making my week. It’s Cher vs. Snoop Dogg. It’s kind of beautiful. And why am I only catching onto BootieUSA now? Oh, right: because my iBook is slowly dying and I’m afraid to tax it too much. That’s why. Hopefully, I’ll have a new Macbook over the summer. I’m thinking of getting either Traktor or Serato (yes, I know) and I can’t get either one of those until I get something that doesn’t eat it’s own battery power.

However, the main problem with this iBook is the battery stuff. I’m sure if I were to buy a new battery, new charger, and a new memory+ external hard drive, I’d be in good shape. Then again, by the time I spend that money I might as well by a new one and treat it right the first time around. I don’t think I’ll throw this one away, though. If I slowly accumulate the proper parts it could be a sturdy backup.

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