Duane Green!

Love it. I’d “tree” NY, too, if I didn’t have these horrible allergies. For those who don’t know (aka non- New Yorkers) Duane Reade is a ubiquitous drug store chain that’s on every street corner in the city. It’s ugly and overpriced, but we go anyway. Now it’ll feel better to go because they have an “eco tote”! I’ve been collecting these 99 cent wonders from various establishments; they remind me of my Albert Heijn days. I’ve got them from Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and even Walmart. The Walmart one is my favorite. Too bad I never remember to use them while I shop.

Duane Reade, however, holds a special place it my heart. Every time I see that store, (99 times during a five minute power walk), it brings back fond high school memories. Once upon a time, there was a mean little terror who single handedly ruined a good friend’s reputation. Forunately for us, the girl was mean and a village bicycle. We ended up nicknaming her “Duane Reade” …because she was “Everywhere You Go.”

Yes, it was Manhattan prep school “eye for an eye” at its finest, but trust me on this one: someone had to say it. Don’t lie to yourself, you’ve met those kinds of people, too. I guess if we lived on the West Coast, we’d have resorted to calling her “In and Out Burger“, which is soooooo much worse. Funny how childhood insults get regionalized.

Hey, I can be mean when it’s called for. Sometimes?

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