Mount Airy Lodge

I’m currently in a thesis crunch, but I’d just like to take a quick break and throw this out there: Does anyone else who lives in the NYC/tri-state area remember the old network TV commercials for Mount Airy Lodge? I can’t find the right one on you tube, but I can remember them from the late 80s- early 90s, and then the commercials stopped. The place went under 2001! Why was I not notified?

“”The food was lousy, but it was a legalized orgy,” said Mickey Freeman, a comedian who often appeared in the Crystal Room, Mount Airy’s 2,000-seat show palace that hosted headliners like Bob Hope, Milton Berle, Connie Francis and Nipsey Russell. ”I used to say, ‘If you break the mirror above the ceiling, you’ll have seven years of bad sex.’ ” (NYT)

Good bye, Mount Airy Lodge. I guess my love of everything couldn’t save you.

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