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Duane Green!

Love it. I’d “tree” NY, too, if I didn’t have these horrible allergies. For those who don’t know (aka non- New Yorkers) Duane Reade is a ubiquitous drug store chain that’s on every street corner in the city. It’s ugly and overpriced, but we go anyway. Now it’ll feel better to go because they have an “eco tote”! I’ve been collecting these 99 cent wonders from various establishments; they remind me of my Albert Heijn days. I’ve got them from Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and even Walmart. The Walmart one is my favorite. Too bad I never remember to use them while I shop. Continue reading ‘Duane Green!’

Sad Times

I had no idea who John Prescott was until reading this article in The Guardian. Heck, I still don’t know who John Prescott is. To me, he just looks like a big, sad corporate teddy bear. He looks like the last person on earth you would expect to have bulimia.

I’m glad he came forward with it. It makes me wonder how many men, specifically older, straight men have body image issues. Bulimia’s become such a “spoiled little white girl’s disease” that it’s gotten a stigma attached to it for anyone who doesn’t fit that mode. When it strikes older men, it just doesn’t seem “right.” It’s like watching a giant riding a tricycle. These are people’s dads; it’s so hard to imagine them not feeling strong.

Wiebelen, Wiebelen

Man, the Dutch love some ugly shoes. I found this Croc-House on Kalverstraat a few weeks back. Just wanted to share it with you; misery loves company.

So: I’ve got a new mixer, on the way to getting the second turntable, and probably a senior week vacay. More dance floor moratorium and Amherst to come.

Be back soon; I’m too busy being a senior in college.

PS How do audio inserts work with this blog?

Ze other punishment

Despite it’s place in the name of this blog I rarely write about “Amherst College”, where I’ve spent the last four years of my life and where I am graduating from in a matter of weeks. I wrote about Amsterdam while I was there and I write about the outside world now, but Amherst’s interest for me mostly lies in interpersonal relations. Besides, if I did make blanket statements about the college, I’d be dumping four years of mixed feelings and frustrations out onto you.

As I told one of my professors earlier this week, I didn’t choose Amherst with much enthusiasm. Conversely, Amherst didn’t really choose me: my name just happened to be pulled from the wait list. Had that not happened, this blog would have been called Wesleyandam. (Well, at least the name worked out.) Since I’ve gotten in, I’ve toyed with the idea of transferring out way more than I should have. If you know me, you probably know why. I love the academics, but I’m not crazy about a lot of the people. Another reason to leave comes to mind when I see articles like this.

Now, Amherst will probably hate me for saying this, but I’m going to say it anyway: the food at Amherst College is a nightmare when compared to other similarly ranked colleges. What we have at Valentine Dining Hall is not fresh, it alternates between overcooked and undercooked, and they have no concept of seasoning. No concept whatsoever. Yes, high school senior who happened to Google “Amherst College”, “dining hall” etc. while doing some post-acceptance research and found this page. It’s true: this food’s really nasty. You will be sick, very sick at least until the end of orientation. I lost eight pounds in my freshman year, and I won’t get all of them back until I leave. Unless, of course, I start drinking as heavily as too many people here do. Please take this into consideration when you choose. I wish I had.

“She needs more of ze punishment!”

So you know how this blog has turned into a sex scandal newsfeed as of late? Yeah, that’s not ending today, thanks to this Max Mosely story courtesy of the Times.Now, I’m the last person who thinks that people should be punished for their fantasies, especially if they are carried out between consensual parties. But I can understand why they would want him to resign; this is some scary, awkward stuff to know about someone. Here are some highlights, put in bold for you perusal:

Few scandals in recent years have provoked as much anger and dismay across Europe as the saga of Max Mosley, the overseer of grand prix motor racing who made tabloid news last weekend in a front-page exposé and accompanying Web video showing him in a sadomasochistic orgy with five supposed prostitutes in a London sex “dungeon”…

The video showed Mr. Mosley counting in German — “Eins! Zwei! Drei! Vier! Funf!” — as he used a leather strap to lash one of the women.

“She needs more of ze punishment!” he cried in German-accented English. One woman appeared to search his hair for lice while another called off items on an inspection list. Mr. Mosley, naked, was bound face-down and lashed more than 20 times.

It quoted – Mosley associates as saying that the prison garb worn by the women were “American convict uniforms” and as dismissing the Nazi allegations by saying, “The scenario was more Alcatraz than Auschwitz.” (Because that makes it OK…?*)

*Italics mine.

Mount Airy Lodge

I’m currently in a thesis crunch, but I’d just like to take a quick break and throw this out there: Does anyone else who lives in the NYC/tri-state area remember the old network TV commercials for Mount Airy Lodge? I can’t find the right one on you tube, but I can remember them from the late 80s- early 90s, and then the commercials stopped. The place went under 2001! Why was I not notified?

“”The food was lousy, but it was a legalized orgy,” said Mickey Freeman, a comedian who often appeared in the Crystal Room, Mount Airy’s 2,000-seat show palace that hosted headliners like Bob Hope, Milton Berle, Connie Francis and Nipsey Russell. ”I used to say, ‘If you break the mirror above the ceiling, you’ll have seven years of bad sex.’ ” (NYT)

Good bye, Mount Airy Lodge. I guess my love of everything couldn’t save you.

Dance Floor Moratorium: 4 Minutes

When I heard Madonna and Justin Timberlake were working together, I was looking forward to it. They had me at “collabo.” And I hate when people say “collabo.”

But 4 Minutes sounds like something the Crocmen dragged in, with Timbaland’s “freekuh- freekuh” help. If you request this I might play Sexyback , followed by Hung Up, followed by Promiscuous. But I’m sure as hell not playing this.

Alison Bechdel at Amherst College

I’ve worked very hard on this, so do come if you’re in the area–

An Evening with Alison Bechdel
April 2nd, 8:00 PM
Converse Hall Red Room
Amherst College

Alison Bechdel, author of the critically acclaimed Fun Home (called “one of the very best graphic novels ever” in Booklist) and of the syndicated comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For (DTWOF), has become a cultural institution for lesbians and discerning non-lesbians all over the planet. At the podium, Bechdel redefines race and gender roles while taking aim at some of the most controversial topics of the day.

In addition to her comic strip, Bechdel has also done exclusive work for a slew of publications including Ms., Slate, The Village Voice, The Advocate, Out, and many other newspapers, web sites, comic books, and ‘zines. Her work has been widely anthologized and translated.


Please come and support this wonderful LGBTQ author/cartoonist and hear her wonderful thoughts!!ADMISSION TO THIS EVENT IS FREE (so bring your friends)!Please check out her website here:

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