So pretentious I could cry–

I’ve been obsessed with Stuff White People Like lately. It’s very funny and describes a certain modern incarnation of that ever present class of people (not always white) who mean the earth well, try hard, and fail miserably. Much of this failure is caused by watery commitment to real causes and an addiction to hipness.

PS: If one more smug Luddite tells me: “I don’t have a TV. It rots your brain,” they will get hurt.

Tangentally: If I see anyone wearing a pair of “Blackspot Sneakers”, I will instantly lose respect for them.

These will never cut Nike’s market share. They are $90 self righteous trophies. Ugly ones, at that. It’s much smarter if you put the money towards a (thoroughly researched) cause instead of this over- priced, smug self congratulatory piece of crap. “I don’t have Nikes. They rot your soul.”

The epitome of the worst SWPL. May these never get popular.

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March 2008
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