Speaking of sex work:

Yab-Yum, one of Amsterdam’s most “exclusive” and expensive brothels, has just been shutdown because Hells Angels have been running it behind the scenes. Hells Angels in America is a quaint little motorcycle gang, but in Amsterdam they’re a huge and scary deal, with their fingers involved in organized crime. Apparently, three bodies of Angels members were recovered in a river in Limburg up to 2004. They’ve had a lot of legal issues, and are fighting to government not to get banned.
It seems strange that a motorcycle gang would try to take over a city of bicyclists.

I wonder why they didn’t just open up their own documented Hells Angels brothel? Everyone knows that they’re there. Might as well put your name on it. Yab Yum is quite legendary.(I think  one of my professors lived on the same street as it, actually.) It was in a canal house on the Singel, and had a tawdry, baroque decor meant to attract “high-rollers.” I wonder who will fill the upscale brothel market now?

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