Amsterdam Olympics 1992

Oh, what could’ve been.

Hello, again! I found this 1992 on e-bay and I want a copy ever so badly. I’m currently writing a story about Amsterdam in 1992, so this made me positively giddy. As does the combination Olympic rings/St. Andrew’s crosses logo. Absolutely stunning.

I didn’t even know they had made an Olympic bid until I researched it. It’s the reason why they built the Ajax stadium in the Bijlmer, but they lost the bid to Barcelona. Tisk. Maybe it’s for the best anyway. I’ve always been wary of Olympic bids anyway; I was so relieved when New York didn’t win. I don’t like tourists, even other people’s tourists. Olympics just bring expensive stresses. I could only imagine the persistent distillations of Holland the NBC coverage would use: wooden shoes, hookers, weed, hookers, windmills, hookers… It would never end. It’s better that they don’t expose themselves to that.

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