Where the hell have I been?

I’ve been here, in Amherst, the first half of the blog’s namesake. I’ve been drowning in work lately. I’m sure I’ll miss this place after May, but sometimes it just makes me want to die inside.

I’ve been studying for random tests, churning out essays, none of which I’m fully satisfied with, and getting sick. Surrounded by the same, damn 1,600 people. I love (some of) you guys, but this is not Brooklyn…or Breukelen…or Amsterdam. This really isn’t Amsterdam. This isn’t biking past the Westerkerk at 1 AM, this isn’t running to Albert Heijn before it closes, this isn’t the Van Gogh museum, this isn’t the pancake bakery.

Instead, it is a wilderness based debt factory. Why do I nap all the time? I feel like I’m not doing anything constructive but I have no time anyway.

PS Fedde Le Grand: also Dutch. For a country with only 16 million people, it seems that every other person from here is a superstar DJ. Kind of like the way that they produced all of those Golden Age painters…but catchier?

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October 2007
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