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Where the hell have I been?

I’ve been here, in Amherst, the first half of the blog’s namesake. I’ve been drowning in work lately. I’m sure I’ll miss this place after May, but sometimes it just makes me want to die inside.

I’ve been studying for random tests, churning out essays, none of which I’m fully satisfied with, and getting sick. Surrounded by the same, damn 1,600 people. I love (some of) you guys, but this is not Brooklyn…or Breukelen…or Amsterdam. This really isn’t Amsterdam. This isn’t biking past the Westerkerk at 1 AM, this isn’t running to Albert Heijn before it closes, this isn’t the Van Gogh museum, this isn’t the pancake bakery.

Instead, it is a wilderness based debt factory. Why do I nap all the time? I feel like I’m not doing anything constructive but I have no time anyway.

PS Fedde Le Grand: also Dutch. For a country with only 16 million people, it seems that every other person from here is a superstar DJ. Kind of like the way that they produced all of those Golden Age painters…but catchier?

Keep it gangsta’, Holland, keep it gangsta’.

Netherlands fined for too much milk

Thursday 18 October 2007

The Netherlands has been fined almost €9m by the European Commission for producing too much milk in the 2006/07 season.

Dutch farmers broke their official milk quota by 0.3%. Italy got the heaviest fine of €176m for a 6% over-production.

The fines were introduced to reduce the European milk lakes, but there is now a worldwide shortage of milk, news agency ANP says.


Dutch Word of the Day
het hunkeren:
a craving
Ik hebt het sterke hunkeren naar salm en komkommer.
I have a strong craving for salmon and cucumbers.

I’m really missing Sanday’s Bakery in Amsterdam something fierce. There really is nothing like it here. I love my prepackaged sandwiches. It was nothing like the ones at Subway or anything; they use regular bread instead of that fluffy French/Italian kind. Albert Heijn offered comparable knockoffs as well. Salmon and cucumber versions not only includes 2 out of 3 of my favorite foods (the 3rd is scrambled eggs), but they’re also pure and decadent perfection.
But loved getting the Sanday’s ones near Leidseplein before going to Vondelpark. It’s just wonderful. Someone needs to bring it stateside.

Hirsi Ali

Dutch Word of the Day
to jump
Sprong rond!

Jump around!

Oh, Ms. Hirsi Ali. You gotta settle down for a minute. Somalia to Amsterdam to America to Amsterdam again? I will say that I’m somewhat jealous of the amount of time she spent in Amsterdam; I’ve had a very harder time readjusting back to Amherst than I thought. But all this strange jumping around is undisclosed locations absurd.

The Dutch are threatening to cut off her bodyguard service, and she wants it back. Her life is in great danger unless she has that protection. It’s surprising that they cut her off like this. I wonder what’s next?

Betcha’ Didn’t Know About the Dutch OJ

Dutch Word of the Day
to do
Als ik het deed.

If I did it.

…oh, but he did. This man is out of control:

Novelist’s real murder book hits the shops

Wednesday 03 October 2007

The publication of writer Richard Klinkhamer’s true crime book Woensdag Gehaktdag (mince on Wednesday), about how he killed his wife in 1991, is the subject of much press comment on Wednesday.

The Volkskrant reports that the AKO book shop chain has decided not to stock it on the grounds that it is ‘morally dubious’. Competitors Bruna and Selexyz are more sanguine, the paper reports.

A Bruna spokesman tells the paper that it is all about freedom of expression and says it is not its place to tell the reader if the story goes too far. Selexyz says it will be careful with placement of the book and will not include it in window displays.

Established novelist Klinkhamer, 70, killed his wife in 1991 with a crowbar after an argument and buried her in the garden. Her body was discovered in 2000 and Klinkhamer was sentenced to six years in prison. He was released from jail in early in 2003.

According to the Volkskrant’s book reviewer the book is ‘intriguing, whether we like it or not’.

I ran so far

They won’t let me post the video, so click here.

I’ve been showing this SNL Digital Short to everyone I know. It’s kind of amazing. Mahmoud and Andy, good luck.

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