Koninginnedag Flashback:

Dutch Word of the Day:
Geen blauw zonder geel en oranje!
No blue without yellow and orange!

Not fully back yet, but I was reading this NYT article by Holland Cotter about Van Gogh’s letters to Emile Bernard, which are currently on display at The Morgan Library.*

If, for you some reason, you think that Van Gogh was French instead of Dutch (too many people do) this handy passage will remind of you of where he really comes from:
“After a year in ashen Paris, he was in a chromatic delirium. He couldn’t stop cataloging the colors he was seeing and using…Frustrated at how to convey the reality that even transparent elements — water and air — have complex color ranges, he ends up shouting on paper: ‘No blue without yellow and orange.'”

Oh, Vince. I feel your pain.

*I smell a field trip coming on!

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