They don’t love you like I love you

Dutch Word of the Day
: maps
De kaarten zijn veranderd.

The maps have changed.

This is a subway map from the 70s (I think?) that was at the MOMA. The lack of development at that point is kind of startling. Queens and Brooklyn are practically naked. Adding more lines was one of the best things they could’ve done. They still have some work ahead of them.

Some maps and blueprints, unfortunately, don’t change. I’m watching Newport Harbor on MTV cause I’m too lazy to get up and change the channel. Ignore the Times review; this is like the poor man’s same budget regurgitation of Laguna Beach, “The Real O.C.”, a tagline which this show has, too. This even has the same horrible theme song. It’s as if MTV is doing an unfunny parody of their own show.

I didn’t really watch Laguna Beach when it came out, but for some reason I can’t get enough of The Hills. Maybe it’s because they took some years to boil down the most essential characters and refined it. It’s not like the producers have Hoop Dreams- like intuition and depth, but their focus has certainly improved with time. I don’t think anyone’s going to stick around and watch Newport Beach long enough for that to happen.

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