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Broken Commute

Dutch Word of the Day
kapot: broken
Deze huis is kapot.

This house is broken.

But it can and will be mended. Due to the flooding on the subway today, a 45 minute trip to Manhattan became in a 4 hour trek, most of which took place in Brooklyn. I’m not really a huge bus person and was forced to take one today, so I overshot my stop quite a bit. When I walked back, I managed to stumble upon the set of Dave Chappelle’s Block Party with the Broken Angel House at the end of the block. It’s an eccentric house made by eccentric people that played a key role in the film. It was going to get shut down, but it’ll get converted to something else. I was too late for work to try to go inside, but I got some good pictures.

Lucy, we’ve moved.

Dutch Word of the Day
bewegen: to move
We hebben ons bewogen.

We have moved.

I’m really happy at this new address. It’s like moving into a new house with all kinds of fun gadgets. I mean this in the nerdiest way possible. I don’t know a lot about CSS, but I can figure it out. WordPress is not as hand-holdy as blogger, but it has so much more fun stuff. If you’re used to Blogger and want to come over to the dark side, go for it.

In order to celebrate the new “home”, I made a Lego canal house. Look, there’s a step gable at the top and a little canal in the front. Wow, this is the nerdiest entry ever. I must be getting closer to Amherst.
P.S.: If you haven’t noticed, this thing has helvetica. Hell-to-the-yeah-vetica.

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