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Mooi Vrouw: Kerry Washington*

Dutch Word of the Day
mooi: beautiful, lovely
Dit is de mooi vrouw voor vandag!
This is the beautiful woman for today!

Oh, Kerry Washington. I might be mad at her for participating in the Spike Lee improbability/ stereotype fest known as She Hate Me, but besides that, what’s not to love? I just saw her in an episode of Law & Order: SVU and was reminded of how good she was as Idi Amin’s wife in The Last King of Scotland. She’s gotten small roles in other things, like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but we should see more of her.

I also love Kerry Washington because she’s another outer-borough black kid who survived a crazy all girls school on the Upper East Side. She’s from the Bronx and went to Spence; I’m from Brooklyn and went to Marymount. This guarantees that she has a good sense of humor, too.

*Trying a new Monday feature of picking people I like for whatever reason, writing about them and labeling it mooi vrouwen (yes, even the boys). If you’ve got nominations and feedback I’d be happy to hear from you. Enjoy!

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