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Duitslander? Geen weg!

Dutch Word of the Day
microfoon: microphone

Ik heb twee turntables en een microfoon.

I have two turntables and a microphone.

Well, I don’t have a microphone. But I’m sure Paul van Dyk would have one lying around somewhere. There are so many famous Dutch DJs floating around, although Paul van Dyk is not one of them. Tiesto and Armin van Buuren, yes. But Paul van Dyk is German. This is a shock to me, because that’s gotta be the most Dutch last names I’ve seen. “Van” in becomes “Von” in German, anyway.

But what do they have in common? They all have had or will have shows in New York this summer, none of which I will be able to see.

I can has automat?

Dutch Word of the Day
om te beweren: to pretend
Zij moeten ophouden bewerend te Febo zijn.
(Update: The correct sentence is “zij moeten ermee ophouden te doen alsof ze Febo zijn”. )
They must stop pretending to be Febo.

(By the way, could someone fire me a correct sentence? This can’t be right.)

So there’s a Febo-esque automat on Saint Mark’s Place called “BAMN!”. It looks like a cleaner, pink version of the one’s I saw in Amsterdam. It’s all coin operated, which is all well and good when you’re dealing with euros, but a little hassle with dollars. (Since single and 2 euros are all in coins, whereas we have single dollar bills and cumbersome numbers of quarters, dimes and nickels.) The funny thing is that they have “krokets” with the Dutch spelling. I’m tempted to buy one in order to dissect and compare it with the one I tried in Holland. (Note the singular.)

I can say this now without any bias: Antillean krokets are ten million times better than the Dutch ones. They’re more solid, taste better and won’t drip when you bite into them. The Dutch ones have this soupy pale filling that I can’t stand. The only good thing is their exterior. As for their New York counterparts? Stay tuned.

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