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Transformers and Transformers

Dutch Word of the Day
week: week
Ik heb de beste week ooit.
I am having the best week ever.

No, I’m not. But it could be worse. I had to walk 30 blocks to the train home today because of Grand Central problems. I was in an info session near the UN, when these helicopters started buzzing around. Then someone came in and told us a transformer exploded by Grand Central. Immediately I thought it was a plug for the movie, Transformers, that went horribly wrong. (Hey, you may call it stupidity. I call it an active imagination.)

So the info session went on and there were helicopters and sirens all over. It felt like 9-11 all over again. That happened when I was in 10th grade, very soon after my grandmother died. They told us what happened in art class. Since we weren’t too sure what happened, we just stayed calm and kept drawing. I just got this really horrible feeling all over again, because I’ve had a few family deaths lately and it’s a very unpleasant coincidence. Here I was six years later, in a class room just staying calm and ignoring the sirens.

This was a terrible thing that happened. I am extremely lucky that I was where I had to be at 6, a few minutes after it happened. I was in an very dangerous area. I feel so terrible for the family of the person who died. I really hope they fix these pipes in a timely fashion before someone else has to die.

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