71 Down, 1 to go.

Dutch Word of the Day
prestaties: performance
Dit is een lang werk van prestaties art.
This is a long work of performance art.

I went to see the 72 hour performance art piece in Union Square. You can read more about it in this Times article. Basically, this woman is getting ready for a date over the course of 72 hours, while it is all being filmed. The final cut will be fast forwarded and her actions will resemble real time, while everything else looks like a blur. Fortunately for her, she’ll be done in less than an hour. She’ll be fully ready for her date by midnight tonight.

Normally, I don’t like the way my camera phone takes pictures. But I really how like this one turned out. The colors make it look like a Wyeth painting. Sometimes the Razr phone surprises me.

By the time she’s ready to go, I’ll be 21.

1 Response to “71 Down, 1 to go.”

  1. 1 Harold July 15, 2007 at 05:31

    i totally agree! the razr phone can be pretty amazing at times.

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