Breakfast Suite II:Molen Groen

Dutch Word of the Day
molen: mill, windmill
Er staan molens in mijn melk!
There are windmills in my milk!

It seems fitting to follow a cereal entry with a milk entry. I was delighted to see windmills on my soy milk carton; I love finding random Netherlandsness, in case you haven’t noticed. This is some kind of sweepstakes from Silk that involves an extra green incentive. Check it out if you want. I like trying to eat/live healthily. I’m going back to gym for the first time since Holland. FINALLY.

On a more windmill oriented note, I didn’t see a ton of old school ones when I was in Holland. And there weren’t many modern ones in the city, even on streets with the word “molen” in them. But there were many outside of the city. Not as cute as their kitschy older predecessors, but apparently very effective. They were originally there to keep to water pumped off the land. I wish we’d catch onto wind power a bit more over here.

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