Semi Annual

Dutch Word of the Day
dubbel: double (an easy one)
“Er zijn chickies met dubbel d’s in de tent!”
“There are chickies with double d’s in the place!”

That’s right, I quoted Party Squad again. Deal with it. “Dubbel Ds”, which is sounds like “double dace” in Dutch, has definately entered my vocabulary as an expression for a well/over done rack, regardless of size.

The Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale is on. Usually, this is an extremely exciting time for me. Everything is on sale and I usually get there when it opens on the first day, or else everything my size is gone. However, I didn’t have the energy this time. Maybe it’s because of the lack of funds after the euro murdered my wallet. But even if I had the money to go nuts, it lacks the fun of a winter sale. That kind of frenzy during the summer just doesn’t seem worth it.

In the interim, I’ll just post this picture of Adriana Lima. I know some of you would appreciate it. Yes, I mean you.

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