Vijf honderd een worden voor sneeuw

Dutch Word of the Day
spinnen: to spin around
Je spint me recht ronde.
You spin me right round.

I found an overpriced DJ equipment/ vinyl store on the Bowery while wandering away from the Bechdel reading. I don’t know who made this record, but I approve of the cover.

You might be familiar with the “501______Verbs” language book series from Barrons. There’s a Spanish, Italian, French etc. The upside: Barrons makes one for Dutch. The downside: there’s only 201 words. It’s like they just gave up when they weren’t even mid-way. The same series does this to Portuguese, Turkish, and Swedish. Polish gets a generous 301 verbs. Latin, totally dead, gets 501. I wish they’d explain why.

It’s terribly maddening to me. Dutch is as hard to learn as English. It has a million verbs, they just don’t take it seriously enough. The explanations in the intro are very good, I just wish it was as comprehensive as I expected.

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