Dutch Word of the Day
schijven: to write
Ik moet veel meer schijven.
I should write more.

I really should. But like I said, I’m still figuring out the direction of this blog. My time at Amherst will be a lot more
interesting because I’ve got RC-ing, the thesis, and Project Awkward and other fun messes to get into. I’ve only been here for nine days, so I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I’ll figure this out. This could be:

a. Thesis Pain Rant
b. Project Awkward Progress
c. A Blend of Both, with some summer stuff

In the interim, I’ll just read these books from for my senior exam. (shakes fist at Amherst English department)

Anyway, there was a cute little fair in Park Slope. I shouldn’t say little , it extended through most of 7th Avenue.

It’s getting hot. I might have to start rockin’ a parasol.

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June 2007
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