Four Days

Dutch Word of the Day
beducht: apprehensive
Ik ben beetje beducht.
I am a little apprehensive.

I’m definately ready to go home now. But I’m not terribly pleased about those plans to blow up Kennedy, which is the airport I’m flying into on Friday. I doubt that anything would happen the instant I’m flying in, but it was just like a little reminder that I’m going back to the place where 9/11 happened. It really hasn’t felt quite the same since then. But everything will be OK.

Being in Amsterdam has made it difficult for me to tell how much people are worried about this. Sure, I’ve got the New York Times website I don’t get to see how many times news anchor’s mention it and use the “emphasis voice.” Whether or not people are actually concerned…it’s a tough call.

As for the lovely New York graffiti Delft in the picture, that is from Demian Repucci and Nicholas Lovegrove’s collection. I love it. You can find more of their stuff at

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