Where dem kids? Where? Dem? Kids???

Dutch Word of the Day
droevig: tragic
Er is gewoon droevig.
That is just tragic.

Not to pick on Peek and Cloppenburg mannequins again, but this is ridiculous. These kiddy dummies are just wrong. I guess for the summer it had to look trashier. Why are their pants open? Why do they have the just been fucked look? Why are they ages 8- 12? Who put this together? At least before they looked presentable.

Children’s fashion is just going down the drain. It’s not just a Europe or Amsterdam thing, it’s a general problem at home, too. I feel like complaining to the store manager to at least zip up their pants and adjust their clothing, but I don’t want to come off as some kind of “sheltered American.” Besides, I’ve never shopped there. But really, this isn’t be OK. The littlest mannequin is particularly disturbing. I would say something…if I was able to say it in Dutch.

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