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Semi Annual

Dutch Word of the Day
dubbel: double (an easy one)
“Er zijn chickies met dubbel d’s in de tent!”
“There are chickies with double d’s in the place!”

That’s right, I quoted Party Squad again. Deal with it. “Dubbel Ds”, which is sounds like “double dace” in Dutch, has definately entered my vocabulary as an expression for a well/over done rack, regardless of size.

The Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale is on. Usually, this is an extremely exciting time for me. Everything is on sale and I usually get there when it opens on the first day, or else everything my size is gone. However, I didn’t have the energy this time. Maybe it’s because of the lack of funds after the euro murdered my wallet. But even if I had the money to go nuts, it lacks the fun of a winter sale. That kind of frenzy during the summer just doesn’t seem worth it.

In the interim, I’ll just post this picture of Adriana Lima. I know some of you would appreciate it. Yes, I mean you.

"Is this 6 o’clock free iPhone Giveaway?"

Dutch Word of the Day
kassa: check out
Dat kassa lijn was het langste ik gezien.
That checkout line was the longest I’ve seen.

I specifically threw myself into the Fifth Avenue iPhone madness to get a picture for this blog. Feel special.

I haven’t been up to the Fifth Avenue Apple Temple of Glass since I walked into the front door in December. Total Windex nightmare, damn near broke my face.

After going through 5 Apple products in total, (taking advantage of the one year replacement warranty), I’ve become something of an iPod Whisperer. I know exactly what cases will scratch them, how not to charge them, how many times to push the next button before they crack. You can ask me about it if you want. If I were to get one of these, I’d wait a while. Why people are leaving Verizon and waiting in line for a first generation Apple product is beyond me; that things gonna be falling apart much sooner than later versions. But the line wrapped around the block.

Remember when the Razr was $500 in 2003? Verizon practically paid me to take this one last fall. Give it a couple years: it’ll be working great and $49.95. Not fun, I know, but trust me.

I wonder if this will be the new Manhattan perpetual line, like Trader Joes near NYU is. Stay tuned!

Vijf honderd een worden voor sneeuw

Dutch Word of the Day
spinnen: to spin around
Je spint me recht ronde.
You spin me right round.

I found an overpriced DJ equipment/ vinyl store on the Bowery while wandering away from the Bechdel reading. I don’t know who made this record, but I approve of the cover.

You might be familiar with the “501______Verbs” language book series from Barrons. There’s a Spanish, Italian, French etc. The upside: Barrons makes one for Dutch. The downside: there’s only 201 words. It’s like they just gave up when they weren’t even mid-way. The same series does this to Portuguese, Turkish, and Swedish. Polish gets a generous 301 verbs. Latin, totally dead, gets 501. I wish they’d explain why.

It’s terribly maddening to me. Dutch is as hard to learn as English. It has a million verbs, they just don’t take it seriously enough. The explanations in the intro are very good, I just wish it was as comprehensive as I expected.

Trompe L’oeil Ending

Dutch Word of the Day
compensatie: compensation
Compensatie is zoet.
Compensation is sweet.

After waiting at Starbucks for 20 minutes for a simple vanilla frap, I got a freebie for next time. Super zoet.

I wanted to see Alison Bechdel read at the Happy Ending’s series in order to solve one question: how to graphic novelists do readings? Do they use a projector? Do they narrate what goes on in each panel? Or, do they just play characters using different voices and focal points a la high school speech and debate? But there were too many people reading ahead of her and I couldn’t stay that late. Now I’ll never know.

So instead I left early wandered around the neighborhood, which was Chinatown right by the Manhattan Bridge. The site of the Reading Series was a little too cool for school. The picture above is the exterior, very unassuming and a bit rundown. But the inside (past another set of doors and down a little corridor) was this very dark and chicly lit bar. Keeping the facade that way was a smart tactical move for masking the gentrification. Kind of makes me wonder about what’s behind all of these homely doors downtown.


Dutch Word of the Day
gek: crazy
Dit is te gek.
This is too crazy.

Some cocaine addict in Dussen, Netherlands, was leading the cops on a high speed chase through a cornfield. This is the pattern in the field he left behind. It’s like those atrocious Family Circus cartoons that trace the steps of the little boy through the neighborhood. Except, of course, on cocaine, which is a helluva drug. I’m just amazed by the amount of overlapping swirls, like some kind of avante gard spin on Celtic iron work.

I hadn’t heard Dussen mentioned all the time I was in Amsterdam. You don’t really hear much about the rest of the Netherlands when you’re in Amsterdam. It’s in the southeast, closer to Zeeland than Amsterdam. But I’m sure this’ll put them on the map. This is probably visible from space.

Love to hate ya, baby

Dutch Word of the Day
geheugen: memories
Nevelig, gekleurd water geheugen…
Misty, water colored memories…

I really don’t miss Amsterdam at all right now. I’m not entirely in love with New York, but I prefer it. Sorry about the infreuquent posting. I’ve been very busy with the job(s) and LSAT things to keep up as well. (Yet that’s still not a very good excuse. I have a lot of downtime, I’m just too lazy.)

Before we left my study abroad program gave us these brouchures about “reverse cultural” shock. Haven’t realy felt it yet. Sure, I miss biking, but I know that certain things the are possible in one place aren’t in another. Besides, New York City history and Dutch history, that friendly little reminders are everywhere. From one metropolitan, waterful town to another, it’s not so bad. Now if I had gone from here straight to Amherst…that would’ve been bad.

Although Tiesto is not a part of any kind of history, (in the academic sense) , I had to smile when I saw this poster for his show at Hammerstein. More Dutch in Nieuw York all over again. Wish I could go.

"If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there to hear it…are you still a dumbass?"

This is still funny in the summer: It’s the Scrubs’ cast take on A Charlie Brown Christmas. I sat in Smudd watched it repeatedly through winter finals rather than doing work. I’m no Superman. Enjoy!


Dutch Word of the Day
schijven: to write
Ik moet veel meer schijven.
I should write more.

I really should. But like I said, I’m still figuring out the direction of this blog. My time at Amherst will be a lot more
interesting because I’ve got RC-ing, the thesis, and Project Awkward and other fun messes to get into. I’ve only been here for nine days, so I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I’ll figure this out. This could be:

a. Thesis Pain Rant
b. Project Awkward Progress
c. A Blend of Both, with some summer stuff

In the interim, I’ll just read these books from for my senior exam. (shakes fist at Amherst English department)

Anyway, there was a cute little fair in Park Slope. I shouldn’t say little , it extended through most of 7th Avenue.

It’s getting hot. I might have to start rockin’ a parasol.

Haardy har

Dutch Word of the Day
haar: hair, but also means “her”
Haar haar!
Her hair!

Well, mine is a mess as usual. Between just jumping between the job and LSAT practice, I haven’t had the time do get it done. New York has stolen Holland’s weather, windy and rain-ish. That doesn’t make it much better.

I’m watching Party Monster, which is a good-bad movie, and shows the New York 90s madness that I was too young to witness or appreciate. I’ve been walking around a lot lately. It doesn’t look as rough as it used to, but there’s still a comforting layer of grime.

Why does Wilson Cruz star in everything gay related?

Since I Packed the Dictionary Away: PartIII

Things I’ll Miss:
Walk to Wok
Hearing Dutch everywhere
Pannekoeken aan elke hoek!
Evil Dutch Professor (for real. he’s hilarious!)

Things I Won’t Miss:
The Euro
Bad Internet
Lack of a campus feeling
Drug/Anne Frank tourists (the only thing they have in common? the nuisance they cause)

Hell naar de Nee!

Dutch Word of the Day:
sluiten: to close
Sluiten tijd…

Closing time…

At least for the Amsterdam chapter. After sitting on the runway for 3 hours, and not getting all of my luggage until this morning, I’m just glad that I made it here. Phew. Once I figure out the groove of this blog now, I’ll be back.

Since there are an infinite amount of Dutch words, those will return as well.

Worst Flights Ever

They lost my baggage, too. We’ll see when that comes back.

Because I Already Packed the Dictionary Away: Part II, Reviewing the Reviewers

I like this new series. It’ll last at least until tomorrow, cause I am not cracking that bag open again for awhile. In the interim, let’s review some reviewers, shall we?

The Wallpaper Guide to Amsterdam:
This is the most aesthetically pleasing of the guides. It’s tiny and full of colored pictures of everything you’d want to find in Amsterdam. Everything you’d want if you’re a hipster with overstuffed pockets. Some of the places, like Supper Club, Inter Continental Amstel Hotel, I couldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. Hell, after the euro gets through with me, I won’t be able to afford a ten foot pole.

Lonely Planet: AMAZING. Everything you could every want, the entire range of food and hotel accommodations. They include some Dutch history, too and other little tips. It can do no wrong.

Amherstdam: Yeah…it’s not like I even built up a review guide. There’s no real way to feel your way around Amsterdam with this website. I’ve highlighted and defined random words that you’ll never need or use. You know where some hideous children’s clothing, a weird boob statue and strange looking dogs can be found. But I did throw in that pronunciation guide! (Once.)

I think we have a winner.

Because I already packed the dictionary away:

Things I Can’t Wait To Get Back To:

Familiar People
Starbucks (the REAL one, none of this “coffee shop” crap)
English speaking children
English Speaking Everything
Long Manhattan Walks
Familiar Food
Good Wireless Internet
Consistent Warmth
My own room
The Container Store

Four Days

Dutch Word of the Day
beducht: apprehensive
Ik ben beetje beducht.
I am a little apprehensive.

I’m definately ready to go home now. But I’m not terribly pleased about those plans to blow up Kennedy, which is the airport I’m flying into on Friday. I doubt that anything would happen the instant I’m flying in, but it was just like a little reminder that I’m going back to the place where 9/11 happened. It really hasn’t felt quite the same since then. But everything will be OK.

Being in Amsterdam has made it difficult for me to tell how much people are worried about this. Sure, I’ve got the New York Times website I don’t get to see how many times news anchor’s mention it and use the “emphasis voice.” Whether or not people are actually concerned…it’s a tough call.

As for the lovely New York graffiti Delft in the picture, that is from Demian Repucci and Nicholas Lovegrove’s collection. I love it. You can find more of their stuff at

June 2007
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