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Damn, it feels good to be Wil Graanstra

Dutch Word of the Day
frites: the Dutch take on french fries
Mag ik de kliene frites met mayonaisse hebben, alstublief?
May I have the small fries with mayo, please?

That’s one sentence I’ll miss saying. The mayo they have here is not like the one we have in the states, and it tastes amazing on fries. The best frites I’ve had so far have been from Wil Graanstra’s stand near the Westermarkt. They aren’t too think, like some of the Moaz one’s can be, and the sauce is alright, unlike the kind Dutch McDonalds sells. That and the dude who sells them is hilarious. The stand closes at 6:00. I guess got there at 6:05, cause:

Me: Could I have the small frites with mayo please?
WG: Nope.
Me: Why not???
WG: The day’s over. I’m going home. Goodbye!
Me: (looking sad)
WG: Sorry. (shrugs) Or you could preorder them, pay now, and I’ll have them for you tomorrow if you want.
Me: It’s OK. I’ll be back.
WG (“Arh-nold” Schwarzenegger voice):I’ll be back!

See what I put up with? Dutch people can be sarcastic in two languages. It’s kind of scary. But of course, I did come back.

He’s in a great location, right by the Anne Frank Huis and the Westermarkt. The guy’s probably making bank everyday. (Or just sick of giving confused tourists directions to the Anne Frank Huis. “It’s right around the corner. You’re not far at all.”) If I was here for a year rather than a semester, my frites purchases alone could send his kids to college. Not even affordable euro- college. I’m talking over priced American college.

If I need to be rolled back to America, blame him.

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