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Dutch Word of the Day

ontdekking: discovery
Ik heb nieuwe ontdekkingen gemaakt.
I have made new discoveries.

1. Biking in a skirt is a mess.

It’s not a total nightmare, it just makes me feel very self conscious. I could see it taking a while to get used to.

2. I will never get over how bright it is here at night.

This picture is from 10:30 PM at Dam Square.

3. Dutch people love baile funk. And religious holidays.

I knew this from Koninginnedag, but I didn’t know how intense it was. We went to Dansen last night and the DJ was going completely nuts. It was more, “Look what I can do!” rather than, “Wanna dance?” At one point he started to throw in some baile funk for no reason. Like, no reason what so ever. I loved it, but the whole set took a really long time to get good.

If you listen to Diplo’s Favela Strikes back, it sounds a lot like Track 4. I don’t know what song it is, but it sounds exactly like a song I heard on Queensday while I was trying to get through the crowds of orange drunk people. And they were all dancing to this.

As for religious holidays, “Pinksterdag”, which is Pentecost, means a day or two of inconvenience for me. Some of the buildings I need (with nice shiny computer labs) are going to be closed. For a country with so many atheists, they have no problem sleeping in for Jesus.

I’ll have a special guest star edition coming up because the best legal mind in America (no, not Matlock, but my baby brother) is coming by for a visit.

Somebody call 112!

No, you don’t have to. I’ll be back tomorrowish? Hopefully? Yeah…

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