Why are only Google related sites working?

Dutch Word of the Day
samenwerzing: conspiracy

Wat is met dit Google samenwerzing?
What is with this Google conspiracy?

I love the Google Empire as much as the next man, but I love the rest of the internet as well. How come the only sites I have able to acess for the past half hour have been Blogger, Flickr, YouTube, G-Mail and Google itself? and very quickly, too.

Although Flickr’s directly Yahoo related, it has Blogger friendly features. These are the only things I can get to. New York Times, Wikipedia, Facebook, everything else is of limits. Maybe they have the strongest server, but this still very strange.

I can’t access Amherst.edu to check my email. (I tried Williams.edu just for kicks, but I can’t reach them either so I guess it’s not their fault…this time.)

Still working on finals. Knocked out a huge paper today with two more to go. Yum.

1 Response to “Why are only Google related sites working?”

  1. 1 Camalance June 30, 2009 at 04:35

    same thing >_<

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