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One Thing I Wish I had:

Dutch Word of the Day
werk: job, work
Ik wil werk voor de zomer.

I want a job for the summer.

It’s been very nerve wracking trying to get one while being in Amsterdam. It’s hard trying to call people who are six hours behind you while using a crappy prepaid phone that doesn’t take messages properly.

I haven’t really been enjoying the last two weeks here because I’ve just been too anxious. I should be hearing back from people and I haven’t. I can’t tell whether potential employers are discouraged by the time difference, the long distance or what but it’s really freaking me out. I have a good resume and I haven’t applied to anything I wouldn’t like to do, I just want someone to get back to me.

The fact that the euro is eating away at the dollar isn’t helping either. Anytime I go to withdraw money from the Postbank I can almost hear the machine snickering at me. (Not really, but it’s getting there.) I don’t need a heck of a lot of money, but I can’t deal with having absolutely nothing in New York all summer long.

I just want something to do.

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