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I promised to my wife and children…

Dutch Word of the Day
oorlog: war
Ik heb Koud Oorlog Kinderen gezien!
I have seen Cold War Kids!

OK, maybe I should use a more poignant war related sentence since today was Liberation Day, but finally seeing them in concert was awesome. Today was a bit less somber than yesterday. There were a ton of tents and things near Museumplein and some stuff going on by the Westerkerk. Too bad I can’t read. Then I went to Vondelpark and tried to read, but the pollen is really starting to be a problem. Then I went to the concert, and the smoke started to be a problem. I’ve been spoiled by Bloomberg, alas.

This is the third day this week that the Dutch people have as a holiday. We haven’t really had any since coming here, they’re all just coming in now. Something tells me that warm weather is playing a role in this…

PS If you aren’t familiar with Cold War Kids, here’s one of their best songs. It’s the acoustic version of “We Used to Vacation.”

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the Westboro Baptist Church

This is not a joke (at least not to them):

I borrowed this from Martin’s blog. Well…this is special. How can they even call themselves Christian at this point?

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