Amsterdam: Vice City

Dutch Word of the Day
mooi: beautiful
Het is een mooi dag!
It is a beautiful day!

Yes, I am aware that yesterday was 4/20. And yes, I am also aware that I’m currently living Amsterdam. But yesterday really doesn’t mean a lot to me. I’ve never really been a drug doing/non-asthmatic person who would be willing to spend all of that money on the stuff from a coffeeshop. I wouldn’t be surprised if they jacked up the prices just for that day (think chocolates on Valentine’s, flowers on Easter).

After discussing this with my friend Alex (who shall be guest starring very soon, so I’m excited about that) I realized that the drug situation in Amsterdam becomes a lot like the alcohol situation in America. If you come from a country where there’s a ban on alcohol and you decide you’ll take a semester abroad in New York, all of your friends will make booze jokes and assume that’s all you’re going there for. In reality, New York is more than it’s liquor stores, but if you’re from a country without any, it’s assumed that’s all you can think about.

I guess this is a long and polite way of asking people not to make annoying stoner jokes when I come back. (Unless you yourself are a stoner. Then I will grant you immunity.) No, you’re not the first one to come up with it. Yes, I did get the same joke on the way out. It can die now. Thank you.

So it goes.

Yesterday I just went to class, had lunch with my aunt, then slept forever. Not terribly exciting, but it’s all good. I need to get back to the gym. The bike’s been pretty good for exercise, though. It’s currently napping in the bike shelter beneath the building, cause I don’t want it to get stolen.

I think they should make a Dutch version of Grand Theft Auto and have it on a bike. You could just ride around, beating people up and stealing their bikes with a swinging soundtrack in the background. Granted, you can’t really beat up hookers. They’re behind the windows and can push panic buttons if threatened. With the exception of the Hell’s Angels, there’s not a lot of organized crime around here, but I’m sure Rockstar Games will think of something.

3 Responses to “Amsterdam: Vice City”

  1. 1 mb April 22, 2007 at 21:02

    …except you can already do that in the real Grand Theft Auto.

  2. 2 jbz April 23, 2007 at 16:50

    But are there canals and a red light district in the real grand theft auto? you could steal boats and go quite far as well. the possbilities are wonderful.

  3. 3 mb April 25, 2007 at 04:39

    There is a Red Light District, albeit only in name (and in prostitutes) in GTA:III. There are canal-like waterways in Vice City, and you can steal boats in pretty much all of them.

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