Pimp Mijn Fiets

Dutch Word of the Day
voorspelbaar: predictable
Vanddag’s titel was voorspelbaar.
Today’s title was predictable.

Since the euro rose against the dollar again (it’s now 1: 1.35) I’m afraid I don’t see a lot of bike pimping in the future. I’ll have to cancel the instillation of the jacuzzi on the backwheel, the spinning rims, and the soundsystem that was supposed to be built into the handlebars. The new paint job and velour upholestry is in jeopardy as well. At least I’ll keep the GPS system that sounds like Kit from KnightRider.

I used the remainder of my bad internet reparations money on these little bike lights for night riding and a back of the bike bag, both from HEMA, the Dutch equivalent of Target/Woolworth’s.

Note that I didn’t buy a helmet. No one here buys them, let alone sells them. The only helmets I’ve seen were on little American kids on rented bikes. They probably brought them from home. Unless you’re competing in the Tour de France, you just don’t wear one.

I’m rather afraid of the euro rising to 1.40 before I leave. It’s was only 1.29 when I got here and it’s been getting worse. This is not good.

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