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Dutch Word of the Day
pindakaas: peanut butter, but literally translated is “peanut cheese”. ew.
Het is pindakaas gelei tijd!!!
It’s peanut butter jelly time!!!

No, not really. But it was high time that I finally got the bike. So here’s the realization in three stages:

1. Nice weather: I mentioned going to the parks yesterday, but I didn’t mention that it took me forever and day to get there. In the time it takes me to walk up Prinsengracht, past Leidse and Museumpleins, then turn into Vondelpark, a bike would’ve gotten me there and back. Besides, there aren’t any ice storms to brave at the moment.

2. Little kids on bikes: They’re just appearing from out of nowhere. They’re usually accompanied by a vigiliant adult. It’s bad enough that the dogs know more Dutch that I do, but little kids having a more effective mode of transportation is more than I can bear.

3. Evil Dutch Professor: He’s not really evil, just kind of loveably snarky. So we’re having a guest speaker talking about city planning. He asks how many of us have bikes. Everyone but me raises their hands. Then he goes, “Well, who doesn’t have a bike? Anybody? Nobody’s without a bike?” Silence. Then Evil Dutch Professor goes, in a rather smug tone: “Lenore? Did you get a bike yet? Muahahaha.” You know it’s bad when real adults make fun of you. Gr.

Despite my horrible experience with the CIEE bike earlier and the fact that all the bikes are too long to fit my legs, I found a very nice one for a decent price (and size) at Waterlooplein. I can recognize it easily because it’s usually the shortest bike in the rack. And I’ve got three locks on it: the big chain on the front wheel and frame, the built-in back wheel lock, and an extra back wheel lock I attached just for kicks. My dorm has a bike shelter in the basement so the chances of it being swiped by junkies in the night is slim.

In a way, it’s better that I get in later on in the game. It takes about a month to learn to walk in Amsterdam, let alone ride a bike. This is going to be a lot of fun.

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