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Vondelpark & Westerpark

Dutch Word of the Day
groen: green
Ik ben de groen hart van Amsterdam geweest.
I have been to the green heart of Amsterdam.

I went to both Vondelpark and Westerpark today, but unfortunately didn’t bring my camera to either. More pictures next time, though. Both parks were lovely. Since the weather’s nice (but going to drop down to 65 in a few days) everybody and his mother was in Vondelpark. There are a lot of ponds and fountains. I didn’t get to explore the whole thing. I just picked a nice shady bench and read.

Then I went to Westerpark which is a lot closer to me that I thought. You just walk to the end of the Prinsengracht, make a left and keep walking. Good thing I found it the instant it got nice out. It’s really pretty. There were a lot more families and less tourists in this park than in Vondelpark. Sooo many little kids. This one girl kept trying to feed the birds, but it wasn’t quite working out. Rather than just throwing the bread to them, she’d march after them with a very business like gait while speaking Dutch and flinging slices at them and they’d quickly scurry away. I don’t know if she was expecting them to turn around and thank her or what, but it was very cute.

Of the two, Westerpark is currently my favorite.

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