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Saccahrine Amsterdam

Dutch Word of the Day
zuiker: sugar

Te veel zuiker is slecht voor je.
Too much sugar is bad for you.

But foreign candy’s so very good. And Holland has really, really good candy. I’m currently on the kinder bueno/ cracktella patch, but I still like a good Bounty bar now and then. It’s basically a Mounds bar called by a different name. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if it was the same company. Balisto’s really good and has some muesli in it, so you can
trick yourself into thinking it’s doing you some good.
The beverages here are a bit different as well. The Fanta’s amazing. It tastes like thick orange syrup at home, but here it’s yellow, thinner and just really good. The only sports drink I like at home is Propel water. Gatorade always tasted like plastic to me, so I guess I won’t be trying Aquarius anytime soon. I have no idea what Fernandes’ green punch and cherry bouquet are like, but I’ll get around to it.

The downer is that that most of the vending machines in the school buildings have converted to using Chipknip cards, which is this European Union credit card. You fill it up at ATMs with Euros, and use it everywhere. I think the only way you can get a real Chipknip card is if you have an EU bank account, which isn’t practical for me. I can get a prepaid one but it’s a pain to recharge. Why anyone would want to use a credit card to get a can of soda is beyond me, but that’s just the way it is around here. I can only print at one university building because all the other require this card. I wonder if they get a cut of the profits or something…

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