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Looking like a Dutch De La Vega

Dutch Word of the Day
tweeling: twin
Het is de da Vega’s Nederlander tweeling broer!

It’s de la Vega’s Dutch twin brother!

Not exactly, but close. Laser 3.14, which looks like it could be sci-fi bible verse, is an artist who spray paints these cryptic sayings all over the place, especially on scaffolding other temporary stuctures around construction. Since there are no Guiliani-esque graffiti laws here, he’s not going to get arrested (like New York artist James de la Vega). And after doing a website to website comparision, one can conclude that he has more funds than de la Vega.

I finally broke down and got a Wallpaper guide to Amsterdam and I’m glad I did. Things look so different in the guidebooks. The Wallpaper picture of the Anne Frank Huis makes it look like a cool modern fortress on the edge of the water. There aren’t any boats in front of it, so it stands alone.

The picture probably isn’t doctored or anything, but’s just taken from an angle that you aren’t likely to come in from. Probably from a boat in the the Prinsengracht. The canal/narrow sidewalk situation makes everything look different. I didn’t know what the building I live in really looks like until I was across a bridge. (It’s kind of ugly. Oh well. It’s beautiful on the inside and that’s what counts.)

Speaking of buildings, there are no Rem Koolhaus works here. Since he’s Dutch I expected to see something in Amsterdam. That’s somewhat disappointing.

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